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Machine Learning mavericks meet Perth mainstream

Matt McKenzie | 18 June 2019

Machine learning is part of the broader field of artificial intelligence, using statistical techniques that seek to mimic the human mind and train computers to pick out patterns from large chunks of data.

The science underpins operations such as autonomous haulage trucks up in the Pilbara or self-driving cars under development by Google in the US.

One particularly creative application of machine learning was on show at Perth Fringe Festival earlier this year.

A team from PMLG [Perth Machine Learning Group], led by innovation consultant Lauren Amos, created a robot that could generate poetry.

The robot was present during the festival at the BitLit Machine Poetry Corner, with about 4,000 visitors in the month it was in action.

The team received a $3,500 grant for the project from Fringe, training the ‘model’ on a collection of classic and children’s poems.

“Teaching people to be creative, learn new things, and to express themselves is a good part of being human,” Ms Amos told Business News.

“Creative work is a bit more accessible and engaging as a way of using technology.”

(Excerpt from Business News article, “Machine Learning mavericks meet Perth mainstream”)